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By rewarding desired behaviour in one business grocery with rewards in another petrol they immediately gain benefit from their large established supermarket customer base. By building the connection they also get to grow both businesses. The second lesson relates to understanding what motivates customers. Research has shown that customers have a great sense of being ripped off and manipulated by petrol retailer, with their seemingly rapid and unpredictable price fluctuations. As a result any opportunity to get a discount is highly valued.

The supermarket owners know this and are exploiting it to the hilt. That is why the relatively modest 4 cents a litre discount has been escalating to where some offers are now at 40 cents a litre. But it does require a bigger shopping basket from customers, and the supermarkets keeping upping the ante.

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What is very positive about the approach of Coles and Woolworths is that they keep experimenting with where the upper limits reside with shopper behaviour and discount rewards. However, the challenge for all brands is to make sure that in the process customer loyalty is not burnt in the experiment. Customers can enjoy up to three spuds with a variety of toppings, such as chilli bean, baby spinach, shredded cabbage, or avocado. Indulge in a soothing massage and help a student on their academic journey. Enjoy a game of ten-pin bowling or bring a friend to play one or two games each; available for children and adults.

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Enjoy a dessert platter made up of goodies including cakes and ice cream, served with a Belgian hot or cold chocolate drink each. Customers can treat their palates and stomachs to a Japanese bento box lunch with a choice of treats such as a chicken katsu or sashimi. Enhance natural features with an eyebrow thread with a brow and lash tint, or add drama to every wink with an eyelash lift and tint. Treat taste buds to a box of popcorn, choosing from flavours such as passion fruit or caramel; opt for several boxes to share with friends.

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Diners can enjoy a cooked-to-order hot meal featuring Japanese specialities such as curry katsu don, accompanied with a miso soup or a drink. Feel the impact of every blink with a heavy set of eyelashes extended with 50 or 60 lashes per eye transforming the look of the face. Enter a lightless and soundless tank and float on a saltwater for a full hour, trying to relieve pressure on joints and induce relaxation.

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Float weightlessly atop saltwater inside a lightless and soundless tank to relieve pressure on joints and induce relaxation. Take the taste buds on a culinary trip to India with three flavourful courses with onion bhaji, gulab jamun and a choice of main in between.

Individuals or duos can enjoy a Japanese bento box with dishes such as tempura, sushi or udon, served with a miso soup or a drink. Enjoy a myotherapy or aromatherapy treatment performed by a student; the myotherapy session may include dry needling or cupping.

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Enjoy a day gym pass that includes a detailed body composition scan, and receive nutrition advice from a professional trainer. Enjoy a bowl of one of the most popular Chinese dishes with personal touches in a choice of broth flavour and protein, served with drink.

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Pamper the skin with a microdermabrasion treatment or an advanced facial and unwind during a relaxing back massage at this beauty salon. Enjoy a leisurely meal of authentic Italian pizza, pasta or risotto with a glass of house wine each and take in waterfront views.

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docket deals melbourne Docket deals melbourne
docket deals melbourne Docket deals melbourne
docket deals melbourne Docket deals melbourne
docket deals melbourne Docket deals melbourne
docket deals melbourne Docket deals melbourne
docket deals melbourne Docket deals melbourne
docket deals melbourne Docket deals melbourne

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