Sears furnace cleaning coupons

And the furnace works better too.

September 27, 5 Marvin and his helper were very professional. Marvin made sure the duct was completely cleaned and even checked the exit vent. Loris, M - Miami, FL. September 13, 4. Lumisha, J - Washington, DC. Explained the process of duct cleaning and throughly answered all of our questions. Surely appreciate you sending us one of your Managers to clean our ducts. Paine definitely represents your company very well. Demo, F - Strasburg, CO.

March 07, 5 Joshua and Andre, Orlando did such outstanding work in my house, that I'm going to recommend their services to everyone in our sub division on our list sevre. I was very impressed with the manner and which they was so careful to keep my light carpets clean. And when Joshua showed me the condition inside my furnace I was.

Wry concerned because has been doing a very bad job servicing my furnace twice a year for the last 5 years. Please thank your technicians very much on my behalf. January 19, 5 Technician actually cleaned the furnace instead. He explained the reasoning very well. September 27, 5 Thanks for service and furnace info.

Kidish, A - Springfield, VA. September 13, 5 Craig and his co-worker did a wonderful job cleaning out the laundry air duct. I am more than pleased with their service and will definitely request them for air conditioning duct cleaning! Kristi, G - Cypress, TX. January 05, 5 Service cost too much for the short amount of time for a dryer duct cleaning service. Pamela, L - Raleigh, NC. I will use Sears air duct service again.

Gilda, B - Cypress, TX. October 14, 5 Brian did a wonderful job explaining the entire process of taking his time is showing us things of interest that we might need to look out for in our home. Brian also took the time to explain the optional airfield hate that we could use an attached your furnace which we decided to purchase hopefully this will help quite a bit. He was a delight to work with and we are very thankful for all his help and great service Greg, M - Columbus, OH.

July 11, 5 John and his crew were very friendly and very informative regarding the hvac system and duct cleaning. We will surely call Sears again for this and other services based on this experience. We are very pleased. June 24, 5 I did not expect to have the furnace cleaned, but am grateful to Dante for showing me the dirt in the fan motor and the mildew inside.

Elise, S - Lutherville, MD. March 21, 5 Thank you, gentleman. We'll be recommending Larry's team to our other family members looking for a duct cleaning. Thanks again! Jorge, A - Miami, FL. March 07, 4. Looking for a company that can do the duct brushing Need to get the fungus out and is making everybody sick Mr, D - Conshohocken, PA. December 16, 5 Both Technicians were very friendly and helpful.

They recommended additionial services such the purchase of a better filter for our furnace that I would not of thought of. Dannie, K - Poway, CA. September 13, 5 The Technicians were very professional and explained everything in detail.

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The went the extra mile to repair the HVAC unit as well. August 26, 5 The service technicians were pleasant and professional. I would definitely call Sears again for future duct cleaning projects and would also recommend your service to others. Janet, C - Wylie, TX. July 25, 3. Also, if you could lower price of furnace cleaning. April 22, 4. I also ordered hookups of my washer and dryer with A1 in Beaverton, OR which was to include bringing new supply lines and a drain hose for the washer.

After verifying twice this would be done with A1 on their direct office line, they called the day of the install to say they didn't do hoses and didn't have them. So, I don't have a working laundry in my house until I get the hoses myself. Why did they say they could do it? What a let down. Ginny, R - Beaverton, OR. March 21, 4. Dalton took the time to explain a few tips around caring for my HVAC system, which was very much appreciated. I need a little time to determine whether the cleaning meets my expectations, as I "live" with it, I will understand those results.

Air Duct Cleaning

I can't speak highly enough of Dalton and James. Thank you. Heather, P - Avon, OH. February 20, 5 I will have to wait and see if the the duct cleaning does make a difference. I would also prefer if the contact person would explain in detail all the possibilities of what extra expenses or extra work might be recommended. I trusted the technicians' knoledge, but did not know if all that was recommended was truly necessary. December 16, 5 The mission was carried out successfully!

So I would like the same guys to return and maintenance my furnace also. Doyle, W - Milwaukee, WI. December 16, 5 Technicians were friendly, courteous, and professional. They removed or covered shoes before entering my home, they cleaned up after the job was completed, and answered my questions concerning future duct cleaning. William, B - Ashburn, VA. November 15, 5 Bernard was training manager was part of the team as well, he's extremely professional and knowledgeable, he made a huge different in our previous experiences with different duct cleaning company, have more manager like him Khoshi, A - Lake Ridge, VA.

October 28, 5 Servicemen were both very friendly and courteous. I have recommended Sears to others for air duct cleaning.

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Air Duct Cleaning by Sears

Ritu, G - Houston, TX. Richard, W - Houston, TX.

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  3. Air Duct Cleaning.
  4. October 14, 5 Would provide a demonstration via picture or hand wipe of the duct before and after cleaning. July 11, 5 Jeff and Santiago took extra effort and time to check the duct system in the attic and on the roof to determine how to handle the elbows in the duct system. If needed in the future, I would like these two to provide the service. Very courteous. May 09, 5 This was actually a follow-up to duct cleaning and booster fan installation done last fall.

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    5. The fan had stopped working and I had the Bham ofc. I will have to say that calling your Atlanta call center is not what I will do in the future I will call Jaren at the Bham ofc for good service. My experiences with the center has not been the best but the Bham folks are wonderful and that's all that counts. Thank you Sears. Judy, P - Vestavia, AL. April 22, 5 Both technicians were very curteous and friendly. I especially liked the fact that they let me know that I would need to change the air duct soon due to age.

      Stacie, B - Houston, TX. April 08, 5 Why can't duct cleaning and carpet cleaning be done by the same crew, as it was in the past? It's inconvenient to have to book two separate appointments.

      Avoid air duct cleaning scams and coupons? Fresh Air Corp - Indoor Air And Your Health

      April 08, 5 The two technicians were very personable and knowledge. Would recommend to anyone Sears Duct Cleaning. I hope that this help my allergies.

      Air Duct Cleaning by Sears

      My simple cleaning got a tad complicated and I found out my dryer hose was disconnected, but it was reconnected and the duct was cleaned. I am happy to now have my dryer back to working order. Alynne, C - Chino, CA. April 08, 4 If the technications just make sure the furnace is turned back on before leaving.

      Air Duct Cleaning Quick Facts

      That was a cold night without no heat. Other than that good job. Quiwanae, J - Milwaukee, WI. March 07, 5 I've already recommended Sears Air Duct cleaning to my friends, this was our first time using the company and I was very happy with the service and price. Thank you! Yvonne, B - Painesville, OH. February 20, 5 Nothing. Your technician was very polite and helpful. Incidentally, I called Sears rather than one of the many duct cleaners that advertise because I felt I would have someone I could trust to be in my home. November 29, 4. However,Chris, the technician was very helpful in informing us and making recommendations.

      The technicians did clean our heating unit.

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      They were thorough, professional and friendly. Janis, N - Philadelphia, PA. November 15, 5 The fellows who did our duct cleaning were great. They did a great job and were very personable. Diane, T - Murray, UT. September 27, 3. While we understood the reasoning behind the cleaning, we do not understand why it cost so much since we watched them spray an aerosol chemical that was supposed to "melt" the dirt. We would likely look for a cheaper alternative next time, however the guys that came seemed to have done a good job. Betsy, P - Arlington, VA. August 26, 5 Our technician was extremely kind and courteous.

      He explained the procedure very well and cleaned up well after he was done with his work. The furnace and air ducts looked significantly better than before and there was a noticeable difference in the performance of our HVAC system. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you can be exposed to pollen all year long. Dirty ducts also make your heating and cooling system less efficient.

      The filter clogs faster, so the system has to work harder to move air—and you can end up with a higher energy bills. Also, particles of dirt wear on the components in your HVAC system, which can shorten its life. The technician covers the floor and install corner gardens to prevent damage to your home, attaches a powerful vacuum to the main duct, and then uses specialized tools to knock the dust loose so the vacuum can collect it. Air Duct Cleaning Breathe easy while we take care of your air.

      Booking online is quick and easy Learn more Learn more. See Details Hide Details Why clean air ducts? Why clean your air ducts?

      sears furnace cleaning coupons Sears furnace cleaning coupons
      sears furnace cleaning coupons Sears furnace cleaning coupons
      sears furnace cleaning coupons Sears furnace cleaning coupons
      sears furnace cleaning coupons Sears furnace cleaning coupons
      sears furnace cleaning coupons Sears furnace cleaning coupons

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