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Make cooking easy with step-by-step recipes and fresh ingredients delivered right to your door.

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Turn your child into the latter with these three tips from cookbook author Leanne Brown. Main menu Open search menu. Try using cash for all your shopping—like for clothes, shoes, electronics and restaurants—and see how much you can save. If you really want to use your credit card to collect points, then make sure you stick to your grocery or shopping list and you still may come out ahead.

This does not include eating out. If you're single or live in certain parts of the country, the average will be higher. This is an ambitious goal, but if you implement many of the tips outlined above, it is possible. Combine as many of these money saving ideas as possible and you can drastically reduce your grocery budget.


Create a grocery list, and then only buy what is on your list. Next, start by shopping at a produce store. These stores allow you to eat healthy and save money. Watch your prices, but usually you will want to buy most of your produce at these kinds of stores.

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The exception would be when other stores have really good sales, or if you are willing to pay more for a couple of fruits and vegetables that are better quality at another store. Continue your savings by doing your big shop at a discount grocery store and buy as many generic brand name goods as your taste buds can handle. For the brand names you love, ask the manufacturers for some coupons and then watch for a sale. When your favorite brands go on sale, stock up and use your coupons.

If the sale is at Safeway, hopefully you can time your visit so that you shop on their customer appreciation day. Buying with coupons when there is a sale on a customer appreciation day—and then stocking up—can save you some serious money. Remember to shop with cash or your debit card and stick to your list. If you can find a grocery store in your community that will price match, take advantage of that. Wal-Mart is starting to open grocery supercentres in Canada. If one of these stores opens near you, you can save gas by doing almost all of your grocery shopping in one place.

Hopefully this increased competition will cause other grocery stores to become more competitive and allow more Canadians the opportunity to save big.

Some of these saving tips may be a little hard core, but we know that some people are more motivated to save than others. That is why we are trying to lay out as many creative and insightful options for you as possible. You can decide how motivated you are to save. Some people find saving money fun, and some find it to be a necessity. That could pay for your next holiday. The savings we show are how much a family of four could potentially save from implementing each strategy.

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Many stores are now breaking down the price of groceries on shelf price labels. For example, when you are looking at a huge wall of toilet paper, how do you figure out which one is the best price? Some packages have 24 rolls and others have 36 rolls while others are double rolls—and each package is a different price! If you forgot your calculator, you would just have to guess. Not any more, many stores now tell you in fine print on each shelf price label how much each little piece of toilet paper costs. The same thing goes for cereal and almost every other type of product.

They will often tell you the cost of a product per grams. This allows you to leave your calculator at home and quickly find the best deal. This is a smart way to shop.

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Making your own meals from scratch is one of the biggest ways that you can save money. Like the table above illustrates, the more prepared the food is, the more it usually costs.

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The nice thing is that home made food is usually better for you too. So making your own meals from scratch can save your wallet and your health.

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coupons vancouver groceries Coupons vancouver groceries
coupons vancouver groceries Coupons vancouver groceries
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coupons vancouver groceries Coupons vancouver groceries

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