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Joe Rogan Explains the Benefits of the Isolation Tank

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Do you have a favorite restaurant or merchant you would like to see featured here? Feature Your Business. How Does this Work? Browse Recent Offers. Browse some of our previous deals and see if we have the right kind of deals for you. Recent Deals. All rights reserved. Floating stimulates a parasympathetic response. Muscle tension, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption all drop dramatically. The entire chemistry of the body changes. Stress related chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, ACTH and lactate are removed from the bloodstream and replaced by beneficial endorphins.

Endorphins produce intense feelings of well-being, alleviate fatigue and chronic pain, as well as improve brain functions such as memory, learning, and creativity. Floating has been shown to alleviate asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular disorders, fibromyalgia, migraines, back-aches and insomnia. If you are an athlete of any kind, the deep relaxation of the float tank improves circulation and accelerates the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue and helps quickly heal any bodily injuries.

Once relaxed, the two hemispheres of the brain become more balanced and synchronized producing a subtle shift in awareness away from the normally dominant "left-brain" thought patterns logical, linear, analytical, detailed towards the intuitive, synthetic and large-scale thought modes of the "right-brain". If you meditate or want to start, this is the ideal environment. Without distractions or interruptions of any kind, you are alone with your thoughts.

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Powerful claims. Yet these are only a few of the beneficial results attributed to floating. There have been countless studies done on the tank over nearly half a decade. It has been proven time and time again to be a vital tool in optimal human performance.

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As small local business, last minute cancellations are very detrimental. Please make every effort to avoid missing an appointment but if you must cancel, please contact me at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Thank you. Please fill out the waiver before arriving for your appointment. It will save you time upon arrival, and you can't float without it.

  • Pittsburgh Float ~ Sensory Deprivation Tank.
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  • What is Floating Like?!

Download the Pittsburgh Float Waiver. Avoid caffeine for several hours beforehand. Avoid shaving or waxing before your appointment. The salt water can sting and irritate your skin. Fill out your release form. If you wear contacts, bring a case and solution to store them. We provide ear plugs, Dr. Bronner's Organic soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and a towel for your convenience.

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Start relaxing on your way to the tank. Once there, you will need to take a pre-float shower. We recommend floating in the nude. Clothing on the skin will be a distraction you will sense. You will have a private room for your float. Lie back. Since you will float effortlessly, your muscles no longer have to fight against the constant pull of gravity. Your mind and body are free from all sensations of weight, temperature, touch, sight and sound.

The boundaries of your body seem to dissolve and vanish completely. You can float in complete silence recommended for a first timer or take advantage of our state of the art transducers from Clark Synthesis. They transmit sound through the water, turning the tank into a speaker itself. Sound will often help relax the mind and body.

If floating in silence, sound will slowly be introduced to let you know when it is time to get out of the tank. If you consider yourself claustrophobic, you can imagine your space as large and open as outer space. The tank includes a forced air silent ventilation system. You may also simply push the door open at any time to help ground yourself or even leave it propped open.

You will want a post-float shower to remove all the Epsom salt from your body and hair. Be sure to rinse the salt out of your ears by letting water run in them for a few seconds. Upon stepping out of the tank, your senses may seem extremely sensitive. Enjoy the "afterglow" effect and feel free to stay and chat or write about your floating experience. You may feel the effects of floating for several days after. The tank is a sterile environment.

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The water contains lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salts and microorganisms cannot survive the high salinity.

pittsburgh float coupons Pittsburgh float coupons
pittsburgh float coupons Pittsburgh float coupons
pittsburgh float coupons Pittsburgh float coupons
pittsburgh float coupons Pittsburgh float coupons
pittsburgh float coupons Pittsburgh float coupons

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