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Being well-known made it a breeze for the company to start introducing longboards. Customer satisfaction has been astoundingly impressive for the longboards, leading them to the top of the industry. Santa Cruz longboards are proficient in everyday ride and durability. Great for beginners and more experienced riders, these longboards are reliable and sturdy. The artistic design of these boards is unusual, too, as they are all exceptional and unparalleled to other brands. This board is excellent for beginners! DB Longboards are simply unique.

Their mission has always been to stray ever so slightly from the mainstream world of longboarding, generating boards that are original in every way. Reviews have deemed DB as one of the most fun, intricately designed brands of The artistry on the boards is playfully eclectic — to the point that if you do not actually longboard, you still might want a board just to have in your home as a decoration.

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Weird, but oddly true. The company is also extremely eco-friendly, for they reuse every single scrap and cut in making new longboards. They pride themselves in producing zero landfill waste, and that, to me, is very important today. My favorite DB Waves Longboard with its throwback graphics. The folks of Dusters California are no strangers to this field. Being natives to California also helps them solidify this vibe as they make their way to one of the leading longboard brands.

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My personal pick is Dusters Locos Wong Cruiser. For this stunning series of boards, Dusters California collaborated with one of most compelling visual arts groups in LA. In , the world was introduced to the company that is Gold Coast. Their motto is: The company strives to tell the stories of every boarder, artist, and creator that they meet. They want nothing more than to devise an atmosphere of fun and creativity. Gold Coast boards are precision cut and cold pressed from bamboo or maple wood, crafted resourcefully to ensure a fun ride.

Making boards from these materials has become increasingly popular as the wood allows for flexibility and lightness. Gold Coast lives for these functions.

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This board is destined to be your partner in crime for a quality time. High-function affordability is the backbone of this board. Most people know Roxy by way of water and surf. But of course, it was only natural that they bring their passion for cruising to dry land with their line of longboards.

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If you like skulls with sugar, this Roxy longboard pick is obvious. Perfect for beginners just looking to get from point A to B, or just hanging with people that like skull stuff. The set themselves apart with a unique construction and design method using a 5-ply method for a lighter cruiser skateboard that can still take a thrashing. Simplistic and current, Habitat is a strong company that will not disappoint. Staying true to their roots, Habitat also looks to pro skaters to develop their boards.


Overall, great board. Lib Tech is a powerhouse. Like many other companies listed above, Lib Tech started with snowboards and then expanded to skateboards in Since then, the brand has been dedicated to the sport, ensuring that their products are stable, fun, and reliable. Many professionals have labeled Lib Tech as the best in the industry, and it is quite hard to oppose that stance.

One of my favorite Lib Tech boards is the Jamie Wave.

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Made of hardwood maple from Wisconsin with a dynamite design by Jamie Lynn, it might be too fresh to ride. And that, my friends, is the end of an immaculate list. Choose any of these brands, and you will be happy, or explore more of our longboards and cruiser boards to find your edge. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chat Now. All Rights Reserved. Toggle search Toggle navigation.

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Come as you are. Awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in , Longboard has earned consistently rave reviews for food, cocktails, service and ambience. On the beverage side, local craft drafts, premium margaritas and an outstanding wine list are featured. Every item on our menu is about preparation and flavor. All of our sauces, salsas, dressings etc.

Longboard is owned and operated by Rick Vach, a longtime Ocean City local with a rich family culinary background. Sister Martha provides all the desserts for Longboard and several other local restaurants.

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  • Casual Dining. Our Menus Featuring high quality food in a casual atmosphere. Off-Season Specials. Happy Hour Every Day 2 drinks for price of one From pm. Take A Tour.

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