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You will also find a number of fresh fruits and vegetables on the list which supplement the fiber sources tomato pomace and ground flaxseed while also acting as natural sources for key vitamins and minerals. For fats, this formula relies primarily on chicken fat which is a highly nutritious source of fat and concentrated energy for dogs. The remaining ingredients consist mostly of natural flavors and supplements.

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It is good to see that most of the minerals are chelated and there are also dried fermentation products included which act as probiotics. This formula starts off strong with three meat-based ingredients at the top of the list followed by a highly digestible grain-free carbohydrate. There are plenty of healthy fats in this formula as well as natural sources for key nutrients. All in all, this is an excellent source of nutrition and natural flavor that any dog would be lucky to receive. This formula is a chunky stew slathered in thick gravy, guaranteed to make the mouth of even the pickiest dog water.

Complete and balanced for puppies as well as adult dogs, this recipe is specially formulated for rotation feeding. The first ingredient in this recipe is lamb broth, followed by fresh lamb and lamb liver. Not only do these meat ingredients provide plenty of protein, but they contain healthy animal fats as well as plenty of natural flavor. There are also some supplementary fats including sunflower oil and menhaden fish oil — these combine to provide a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The main carbohydrates in this formula are potato starch, oatmeal, carrots, and peas.

All of these are considered highly digestible for most dogs, though if your dog has a sensitivity to grains the oatmeal could cause a problem. This recipe is gluten-free, however, so it may not be an issue. There are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in this formula which provide carbohydrate energy as well as supplementary fiber — they are also natural sources for key nutrients. This formula still needs some synthetic supplements to ensure balanced nutrition but most of the minerals are chelated which helps to maximize their absorption. Even though this formula lists a liquid as the first ingredient, it is still plenty rich in protein.

Supplemented with wholesome carbohydrates and fresh veggies, this recipe is highly digestible and loaded with natural sources for key nutrients. Train cats with proper motivation. Here are the offers that are currently available:. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. All trademarks, trade names, service marks, product names and logos appearing on this site are the property of their respective owners.

Cat Food Coupons. Tweet SumoMe Tweet Cats are in for the biggest treat of their lives too. Grain free, gluten-free canned foods with a variety of proteins.

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The food has a minced, flaked texture with thin cuts in gravy. Available in 12 formulas. The food contains 8 percent crude protein, 4 percent crude fat, 3 percent crude fiber, and 80 percent moisture. AAFCO-approved for adult maintenance. Instinct Raw Bites for Cats. Instinct raw formulas are complete and balanced for all life stages. The food is grain free and gluten-free.

The raw bites are easy to feed and thaw out in just a few minutes. Raw Bites comes in chicken, duck, rabbit, and tuna. The food contains 14 percent crude protein, 8 percent crude fat, 2 percent crude fiber, 69 percent moisture. Raw Bites come in a 1. Instinct Raw Medallions for Cats.

The formulas are the same as the Raw Bites formulas but the medallions are larger. It takes medallions several hours to defrost before you can feed them to your cat. There are only two Raw Medallion formulas for cats: Using chicken as the example, the ingredients include: The food contains 15 percent crude protein, 9 percent crude fat, 2 percent crude fiber, and 67 percent moisture. Instinct also has a freeze-dried raw food for cats.

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Freeze-dried raw is different from frozen raw. Freeze drying removes a lot of the moisture from the food.

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Unlike the raw frozen foods, Instinct does add extra vitamins and minerals to the freeze-dried food. The food contains 32 percent crude protein, 22 percent crude fat, 15 percent crude fiber, and 6 percent moisture. Or you can feed them as treats. Instinct also makes raw and freeze-dried treats for cats.

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Instinct Raw Boost Kibble for Cats. Made for all life stages.

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Available in 5. This is a high protein kibble that includes freeze-dried raw pieces in the bag. Comes in three formulas: Using the duck as an example, the food has 40 percent crude protein, The first five ingredients in the food are: This is an all life stage formula made for indoor cats. Foods for indoor cats usually have slightly fewer calories. This is a high protein food with freeze-dried raw pieces. It comes in two recipes: It has 38 percent crude protein, Instinct Ultimate Protein Kibble for Cats. Available in chicken and duck recipes.

This food is compared to an ancestral diet for cats and is very high in protein. It contains up to three times more chicken and duck than conventional dry pet food. No rendered meats, chicken or duck meal, or by-product meals.

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This is an all life stage formula. The food comes in 5 and Instinct Kibble for Cats. This is an all life stage formula available in 2. It comes in four formulas: According to Instinct this food is high in protein and biologically-appropriate. It has 40 percent crude protein, 15 percent crude fat, 4 percent crude fiber, and 10 percent moisture.

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Taurine information not provided. Instinct Limited Ingredient Kibble for Cats. Each formula uses one animal protein. The foods do not contain grain, gluten, potato, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, or fish making them good choices for cats with food allergies or sensitivities.

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