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How Much Alcohol Is There in the Gin-Raisin Remedy?

We pull down a new batch 2 or 3 times a week to guarantee freshness. With our vacuum packaging, the shelf life is guaranteed over 90 days on your countertop at room temperature. The other 1 lb. Bring them out 1 lb. And every day do the same again. It could be cheap gin or expensive. Will try for arthritis in my legs. Like most, I laughed and was very skeptical that gin soaked raisins could help with my sore knee. However, I decide to give it a try and test it for myself. I also take 1 Cosamin DS capsule a day.

After taking the raisins and the Cosamin daily for months, with no knee pain, I began to take this cure for granted.

Will the Gin-Raisin Remedy Interfere with a Breathalyzer Test?

So, when we took a month long road trip, it was just too inconvenient to continue making the raisins. I did keep taking my one a day Cosamin.

When I got home, I noticed my knee was giving me that old familiar twinge of pain. Icing it for 20 minutes a day only provided temporary relief. The only difference was NOT taking my raisins each morning. After about a week, my knee was significantly better.


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So, I am now a confirmed believer in this home remedy! I did try cheaper synthetic without the juniper berries gin, and it does not work. Just to help lighten up the taste not a big gin fan , I add a squirt of lemon juice, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a squeeze of honey to the raisins. Shake well. I spoon out a level teaspoon approximately 9 raisins each morning as a part of my breakfast.

About 2 days before I run out, I use another pint jar to mix up my next batch, so the raisins have time to absorb the gin and soften up. Not bad and it works for my husband and I.

How to Make Gin-Raisin Remedy - The People's Pharmacy

His arthritis is a little worse than mine. He found that the raisins, Certo in grape juice, and a Sam-e combination works better for him. Whatever works, right? It only takes 24 hours, at most, for the raisins to plump up.

How to make gin soaked raisins

Use a spoon to lift out the 9 raisins, letting gin drain back into the container. Just add more raisins and more gin to this liquid and wait a day.

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Common sense tells me that this method leaves not enough gin to have an intoxicating effect on the consumer. I put my raisins in an attractive ceramic jar with a clamp seal lid and leave it on my kitchen counter. I have 9 or so most mornings.

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So which one would you recommend? This is a home remedy—no research. Try both methods and see which one suits you better. Let us know your decision. Since I enjoy the taste of gin and drunk raisins, the first method of 15 oz sounds okay, however P Pharm method makes more sense — not as much gin is used, therefore there is more to enjoy with tonic water and lime. I use it every night before going to bed.

It works. My finger joints were so swollen I was unable to put them in the holes of a bowling ball. After 2 weeks there was such a decrease in their size, that I could bowl. If I stop taking it, the pain and swelling come back within 2 weeks. Prior to using the raisins I had injections from a pain doctor every three months. Since using the raisins and doing simple exercises in bed before breakfast I have been pain free. I have not needed injections since starting the raisin remedy over two years ago. I used this method daily for 2 months and got zero benefit, so stopped. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

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