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I walked back and said something is wrong. They looked at the light and one of the men used some device and told the other guy two cylinders are not firing. I was to bring back the next day because it was closing. I brought back and asked for brake shoes. They had already got me for a battery on Sunday. Well, for six months the manager had told me I needed rotors Only brake pads that I was overcharged for the right side front of car. Check light on they said it would go off. I began to drive home and barely got home. He never phoned them. He told me I had to prove they did it.

They did it. I certainly didn't do it. I am 71 and not a mechanic. I will sue for the emotional distress they are causing me and for the repairs I will have to pay for just to have my car back. This is the last car my husband bought me. He is in a nursing home with dementia in Iowa and I could never tell him.

He is dying. How cruel these people are to a woman I am not ashamed to tell what happened or be anonymous. My phone number is: This company needs a class action lawsuit to wake them up about how they say they can fix cars That is called fraud. When I looked around there was only 2 people in the waiting area, so I was even more confused. I got there around 6: I was in an area that was dark with not many street lights and had to try to get back on my side of town, which is about 30 minutes from Tire Plus on Greenbay Rd. I was in disbelief that with being a tire care center that they would not help in an emergency situation.

My experience with Tires Plus in Naples Florida. Management is absolutely unprofessional and rude to say the least. I have been overcharged every single time I had service at this location. They quoted me a price, I okayed it, I go get something to eat, when I return for my vehicle the price nearly doubled! I would am contacting the Better Business Bureau as I strongly feel I was overcharged and provided poor service because I am a woman.

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I had broken my lights on my car. After a few years they have gone out, the people in the front help me order my parts and come in the next day. They installed it for free and were very generous and sweet. Anyone writing a bad review was obviously on drugs because these people are awesome. Shoutout Tires Plus. After over 10 year of bringing vehicles to this store, I am now considering other options.

On a Sunday, the check-in manager could not work me in to patch a tire. The check-in manager was too worried about a printed schedule and not using common sense and providing good customer service. He did not smile. Was very put off that I needed work completed today.

I recommend Tires Plus train your staff on Customer Service and how to take care of repeat customers. Customer service continues to decline at this store as managers seem to come and go faster and faster. With this lack of training, I am starting to understand. I am now considering different options in the other that provide Good Customer Care and Service. I went in for my four tires to be changed and a wheel alignment. A cop was called on me. Never again will I take my business to that store.

They are wolves in sheep clothing! If you have all day this is the place for you. This is the second time going here and shame on me for giving them another shot. I'll never return to this company again. I took my car into Tires Plus to check and see why my AC was blowing warm air. They hooked it up on some machine, which I could see through the window. About two hours later they come out and tell me that my compressor exploded and needs vacuumed out because there are metal fragments throughout the system.

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I would need a new compressor and condenser plus their AC service. I said there is no way I could afford that. They said they understand and sent me on my way. A friend told me it probably just needs freon and go buy an AC Pro. I'll never go to a Tires Plus ever again! Product was of good quality. Service was substandard at best.

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I bought 4 new tires and had them rotated one year ago. I recently had a flat and removed it for repair. One of the lugs were crossthreaded. As a result, the lug broke off. Was willing to accept that and chalk it up to bad luck. I had decided to rotate tires in the process. In doing so, multiple lugs were broken off on more than one wheel which for safety purposes left me with a repair bill that left me without enough money to return home.

I was on a road trip and over miles away from home. There weren't any Tires Plus locations within miles from my location. I called customer service and to make a long story short I was told I would be stranded for 48 hours while they made a decision whether to assist me or not. They were the only ones to touch my wheels and tires since tires were bought new.

Clearly at fault, they left me stranded with minor children in the heat with heat index in excess of Beyond the fact that they were directly responsible for break down, they showed complete disregard for the safety of the customer and their family.

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This is a company that clearly does not care or should not be in business when people's lives are on the line. I will never use them again and will be filing a lawsuit for repair cost and endangerment of minor children by refusal to help get a long term customer and their children back on the road in dangerous heat with warnings in place at time. I recommend staying far away from such companies.

Have been buying tires at Tires Plus for over 25 years with no problems or complaints until now. Recently purchased 4 new tires for my truck. Politely told him I would have my own mechanic check it.

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Week or so later my own mechanic I have used the same shop for 20 years was doing some unrelated work on my truck. Without telling him about my experience at Tires Plus I told him to check for a power steering leak. He said it was a loose hose clamp and tightened it.

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No charge. I then asked him to recheck the rack and ball joints and he said they were fine. Purchased tires, on my way home, discovered my glove compartment door was broken, I think Tire Plus employee opened to check ac filter and broke it. That's the reason I do all repairs myself, most of these repair shops can't be trusted! They train their people to find any problem they can with your car, to make money. I had a Toyota towed there last week to find problem why it stopped running.

They called said the six coils needed replaced, after giving me a quote, I decided to fix myself. I sent truck to have it towed to my home. After replacing the coils, still didn't run, I found out someone cut an electrical wire that caused it not to run, easy fix, however the air was not working either.

These people will sabotage your car. In May of I got a flat and pulled into the first place that I found. Unfortunately it was Tires Plus. I had just put tires on my car in November of and there was less than miles on them. The tire had a carpet cutting blade in it, thus ruining it. Avoid them at all costs. I waited 3 hours for them to install, balance, and align the new tires. Upon departure and getting onto I-4 I felt a horrible vibration in the steering wheel as well as in the seat. The alignment was also done poorly as my truck pulled violently to the right. I recommend you stay away from this company and strongly recommend you stay away from this location!

This is a second time that I go for full synthetic oil change. Both times I find an oil dirty when I come home and check it. Of course I go back and show oil and make them change again. When they change oil second time my question is how do I make sure they put full synthetic oil!!! I ask for tire rotation and the same thing.

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I should have checked for tire rotation there but again I trusted and find that they did not rotate the tire at home. Before taking receipt I asked that tires been rotated? And he said yes and told me not to wait long and rotate every three months. When I look at receipt at home there is no mention of tire rotation. He could not get a card in his name so he asked me to help. He said they would help boost my credit. I checked on my credit report and found out I was charge more than I spent.

I called tires plus and they straighten it out so when the second bill came I didn't have to pay until February but I paid in January so when the February bill came in I was told to wait until April because of the large payment. When March came in I called and was told the same thing. April bill came and I paid the whole thing off with the interest that was tact on.

I check my credit report to see if my credit score went up and it didn't it when down. They did give me credit for paying them off. I would not recommend getting this credit card from First Credit. I'm going to check next month to see if they straighten this out with the credit report company. If not you would see me back on here rising hecker.

Plus if you challenge them they get very unprofessional. I'm a retired military person who has worked in customer service and I never lost my temper and ride my voice to a client. Military brothers and Sisters active or non-active don't mess your credit up with this company by using them. Lesson learned please if you are reading this please don't make the same mistake by using them but if you have to please pay it off by the first bill or you would be screwed.

This is my good deed for the month and day. Tires Plus assured me that they could aligned my Mercedes Benz E I replaced 4 tires in July of Click to Save. Print Coupon. Free Code Scan. Free Alignment Check with Tire Purchase. Free Battery Check. Top Categories View All. Watch the banner ads on the homepage to find promotional offers for free gift cards with select purchases, special pricing on certain sizes and more.

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